Pastoral Care

Respecting Beliefs

A patient’s pastor or other clergy members are welcome to visit. If a patient does not have a minister, OMH is happy to provide a volunteer chaplain or literature to assist in meeting the spiritual needs of patients and family.

Our Pastoral Volunteer Committee recognizes the role spirituality plays in the lives of our patients and their families, especially during times of illness, uncertainty, or crisis. Our volunteer chaplains facilitate opportunities for healing through response to the spiritual needs of the patient and family, while also providing a spiritual presence and support for the patient care team and hospital staff.

As part of the professional healthcare team, chaplains minister to persons of all faiths, as well as those who claim no particular faith beliefs.

For those wishing a more anonymous pastoral approach, OMH also offers a PRAYER LINE. From any hospital phone, dial 9-1-800-NOW-PRAY or 9-1-800-669-7729.

For your convenience, a chapel is located just off the main lobby on the first floor, and is open to everyone for quiet meditation and prayer.

Who Calls the Chaplain?

Upon your request, your nurse or a member of the health care team will assist in coordinating a visit or call with the pastoral volunteer on duty. Patients, family members, or friends are encouraged to request a chaplain if they are:

  • Anxious, worried, upset
  • Feeling angry or frustrated
  • Depressed or feeling hopeless
  • In need of spiritual strength or guidance
  • Fearing the loss of a loved one
  • Questioning God, themselves, or their relationships with loved ones
  • Unable to cope

What Might a Chaplain Do for You?

  • Listen and understand your feelings
  • Respect your faith
  • Accept you as a person of worth and value
  • Offer spiritual support and comfort in a time of crisis and loss

Services Provided

The Pastoral Care Department offers spiritual care and support to patients, families, and staff who request it in the Hospital. Chaplains are specially trained to offer comfort and support to those dealing with crisis, illness, grief, and other care issues.

  • Assistance with contacting family clergy
  • Sacramental ministries, upon request
  • Community resource for end of life planning, death, and dying topics
  • Assistance with ethical issues, dilemmas
  • Assistance with those struggling with care decisions for loved ones
  • Assistance in locating resources for various needs (e.g., Alzheimer’s NC for caregivers)

Community Pastors/Clergy

The Pastoral Care Department welcomes your presence here at the Hospital. We are thankful for the care and support you offer your congregants and their families while they are patients here at our facility. We are here to support your efforts and to offer you the information and assistance you need as you visit members of your congregation.

Application for Clergy

Ordained ministers serving as pastors of local churches can apply serve as a pastoral volunteer by calling Jessica Collins-Hansley at (910) 577-4949 or email at Completed applications are usually processed within two weeks. Once approved to serve, you will be required to complete health testing and complete orientation.