Patient and Family Advisory Council


The Patient and Family Advisory Council is endorsed by the Onslow Memorial Hospital Board for the purpose of service improvement. 


Community and patient views and expectations will be shared and discussed among hospital leadership, employees, and Board members through the Patient and Family Advisory Committee whose role shall be to:

  • Assist in guiding medical service planning for Onslow Memorial.
  • Guide Service Improvement initiatives to include enhancing patient satisfaction, staff morale, and system deliveries.
  • Assist with identifying barriers and needs.
  • Develop service recommendations to Senior Management and Board members.
  • Provide a communication forum for various stakeholders in the community.
  • Monitor and assess the community’s perception of the Service Improvement Program.
  • Ensure the needs of the community are met with a more efficient and effective system of care.


Our mission is a journey to embrace the passion of sensing the needs of others in order to create and enhance service excellence by fostering teamwork, building patient loyalty, and celebrating the joy of caring.


The committee is made up of patients; physicians; people from the community; and members of Onslow's Executive Team and Board. Consultants and additional physicians with an interest may attend as needed.


The Patient and Family Advisory Council maintains a standing meeting scheduled monthly.


Membership will be governed by the council based on recommendations by the Board, CEO, Director of Service Improvement, Patient Navigator, & Patient Advocacy. Membership will include eight patient representatives, two Hospital Board members, members of the Executive Team, two employee representatives, one Auxiliary representative and several physicians.
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Current PFAC Members
Ray Crockett - Chairperson
Lucinda Shubrick - Secretary
Michael Elder
David Douglas
Dianna Hawkins
Carol Nelson
Sandra Williams
LaRue Hambrick
Kellie Knapp

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