Pri­ma­ry Care

Our team of board-certified physicians offers comprehensive primary care. Treating patients of all ages and all conditions, our physicians develop a long-term relationship with you and your family so they can provide the best possible care. From acute to chronic medical conditions, at any stage of life, our family physicians manage your care, coordinate the involvement of specialists for complex or unusual problems, and oversee the continuity of your care and individual needs.

Your physician is also the doctor you will see for regular wellness exams, as well as preventive health screenings. There are several health screenings adults should have on a regular basis.

TestWhoAgeFrequencyWhy Important
ColonoscopyMen and Women50+Every 10 years for normal; every 3-5 years if polyps foundBecause potentially cancerous polyps can be removed before cancer develops
DEXA scanMen and WomenWomen: 65+, Men: 70+Every 2 yearsDetermines your risk for bone fractures
MammogramWomenTalk to your doctor about what age to begin testingEvery 1-2 yearsDetects early signs of breast cancer
Pap testWomen21+ or 1 year after sexual activity beginsYearlyDetects early signs of cervical cancer
Prostate examMen40+YearlyDetects prostate cancer
Blood GlucoseMen and Women45+Every 3-5 yearsDetects diabetes
CholesterolMen and Women20+Every 5 yearsMonitors cholesterol levels
Blood PressureMen and WomenFrom childhood onYearlyMonitors blood pressure levels

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a physician, call (910) 346-5016 or visit the Internal Medicine & Primary Care website.