Welcome Waggers

It’s said that when an idea “has legs,” it has momentum. In this case, an idea that originated in Onslow’s Spirituality and Wellness committee has the momentum of four legs – and one happily wagging tail. Those legs and tail belong to Callie, a professional therapy dog, officially on staff at Onslow Memorial. The Welcome Waggers Program allows certified therapy dogs to visit patients. Our Welcome Waggers team include the dog's handler and the certified dog. The Welcome Waggers program provides immeasurable support to patients, their families, and our staff throughout the organization.

Benefits of Animal Assisted Activities

The dogs are a welcome distraction and help reduce anxiety that can accompany hospital visits. Welcome Waggers gives patients the opportunity to interact safely with our volunteer dogs and receive their unconditional love and acceptance in the hopes of making the hospital environment more comfortable and less stressful.

Additional benefits of pet therapy are:

  • Positive therapeutic experiences that help minimize the stress of the hospital environment
  • Reduced anxiety and enhanced coping skills by providing a distraction from illness and hospitalization
  • Increased normalization of the hospital experience by making it more "home-like"

Callie is a 4-year-old, female Shephard/Husky mix. She is certified as a therapy dog through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Callie will be visiting us twice a week. She comes with her owner, Denise. Callie is a beautiful girl with a sweet disposition. She loves to visit with patients and staff.